Cole Porter’s Les Ambassadeurs Hits the Big Screen

In 1928, Cole Porter, enjoying the pleasures of Paris and always preferring to be writing a new project, worked on what was advertised as a “chic night club” revue, Les Revue des Ambassadeurs, Ambassadeurs being the name of the nightclub hosting the musical revue – located by the Place de Concorde and the Champs-Elysees.

It was a huge success with the sell-out crowd.

After the show closed in Paris, it faded into memory with a score largely forgotten. A life-time would pass before it would be rediscovered and remounted on the Paris stage. With an overwhelming reception to the 2012 Paris production, Ken Bloom made plans to produce the show’s North American debut in New York City.

Noah Griffin was in the audience of the New York debut. With a cast of stellar performers, he brought Les Ambassadeurs to the west coast for the second time in America, allowing the audience to hear his seminal work.

From this performance, we created a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of this sold out event. Keeping with the Lark Theater’s tradition of Met Performances with back stage access, this film falls right in line. If you were in attendance at the performance, we think you would enjoy seeing it again with behind the scenes rehearsal footage.

Here is the opportunity to witness history in the making. The film documents the sole on-screen representation of this vintage Cole Porter on the big screen. Come see your favorite local Cole Porter ensemble members … Noah Griffin, Founder of The Cole Porter Society, Grammy nominated Desiree Goyette, Phantom of the Opera and Mountain Play star, Patrick Leveque, the acclaimed Deborah Winters and young star, Sofia Perozzi.

Other Bay Area standouts include classical performer Martin Bell, opera artist Michael Dailey and cabaret queen, Amanda King.

New York talent includes author and Grammy winner Ken Bloom, Grammy winner Laurence Hobgood, society pianist Peter Minton, and from Chicago, theater historian Charles Troy.

Dancing With The Stars Jason Rodgers lights up the stage.

All proceeds benefit the nonprofit Cole Porter Society. Our mission is to preserve, promote and perpetuate the legacy of Cole Porter.

Please click on BUY NOW and get your tickets today. Your name will on the VIP list at the door!

Introducing DocLands Documentary Film Festival — May 10-14, 2017

Just as Marin Arts & Culture Magazine is filling a void when it comes to news and stories on Marin arts and culture, DocLands aims to fill a void in Marin when it comes to opportunities to see the best in documentary film from around the world.

DocLands is a new, non-competitive, inclusive festival dedicated to building connections and partnerships and works to invigorate the business and art of nonfiction filmmaking. Through public screenings, engaged conversations and grassroots networking events, DocLands aims to build an active, involved and fully supportive community around documentary film.
DocLands will showcase documentary film in a variety of genres and with a diversity of content, while exploring three main programming sections (The Art of Impact, The Great Outdoors and WonderLands) while highlighting films that transcend the traditional definition of the documentary —films that break form in terms of creativity and entertainment.