What We Do


Meredith Griffin, Founder and Publisher

And so we begin with Marin Arts & Culture, an online magazine written for Marinites and their friends who love the Arts. We publish 10 times a year, combining July/August and December/January.

Lawyer by day, jazz pianist by night? School secretary by day, poet by night? Beautiful paintings, hanging in the home of the artist, never seen? I hear these stories all the time. A yearning to create. My passion is to give a voice and expression to everyone,
no matter what kind of art form, no matter age.

I love creative people. My gift is to create a safe environment where people feel nurtured and protected to do what they do best. Marin Arts & Culture is a haven for discovery and development where the creative voice can thrive.

From the talented amateur to the world renowned, we seek to come together for what art does best … to feed the soul and spirit. From building a portfolio to sharing your gifts, this a gathering place. This is the “art” in Marin Arts & Culture.

For “culture,” the usual definition is the characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people, defined by everything—from language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and the arts. Marin has a unique culture in that nonprofits are an outsized part of who we are. We have more artists per capita than any other county in California with the exception of Los Angeles. With the recent launch of MarinArts.org and Marin Coalition of the Arts, expect to read more about the movement to make our community a true cultural center.

We choose to leave religion and politics out of the mix here, but cuisine? Of course! Wine and spirits … how could we not? Social scene … our “Man About Town” will be there.

What inspires you? Let us know! Write to me at meredith@marinartsandculture.com